Covid-19 Response

Report back on our Covid 19 response on 14 September 2020

Covid-19 struck us hard. We were inactive for 5 weeks. For a week we were not able to use our facility due to Covid-19 protocols. The week thereafter 3 of us tested positive and were confined to our  beds for 3 weeks. It took another week to return to full strength and to resume operations.

Packing and distributing:
(as at 14 September 2020)

Listed below is a summary of our activities since March this year when the lock down commenced.


Funds received  R 585 000


1122  Large food parcels

1390  Drymix food parcel

211 000  Meals

2040  loaves of Bread

R 6 640 Individual assistance

R 1320  Electricity for food centres

R 5400  Transport costs

70 tons Fresh vegetables to food centres and churches.

As we mentioned in May , there is a move towards Nutrition Stations instead of food hampers. More people can be fed through Nutritional Stations than with the hamper system. Our planning is to start the supplying of 13 Nutritional Stations (Soup kitchens) but also to continue with the food hampers on a much smaller scale. There are still some people who will need hampers that are not close to one of the Nutrition Stations.

The plan is to supply 13 food stations with 2 meals per day on Wednesdays and Fridays. We ask that you would join us in mobilising resources to make this a reality and to continue the fight against hunger and despair.

Total cost is budgeted at R 120 000 per month

We are planning to set up a Centralised food resource centre from where we can then distribute the collected food evenly amongst the centres. We envisage that this would be necessary for 3 months but could extend for another 6 months. The planned kick-off date is around 20 September 2020.