About us

Who we are

Love George is a NPC (Love Garden Route NPC 2018/544129/08) that forms part of the Love Garden Route Foundation NPO (252-805 NPO)

The focus of the foundation is to enable and participate in the social and economic transformation of our society. Our goal is to initiate, facilitate and manage programmes that will result in a prosperous and healthy community that is in right relationship with the environment and that will establish a healthy economy for all.

Love Garden Route Foundation is an NPO that is focussed on being an Agent of Unity, connecting and resourcing the community by being a bridge between existing and new initiatives thereby effecting change in our society.

Our objectives

  • To develop a network of like-minded leaders / enablers who ascribe to the vision of LGRF;
  • To identify through appropriate reflective thought, the right programmes and projects to network through LGRF;
  • To identify and equip a network of servant leaders, programme and project managers to undertake the equipping of the community in their respective priorities;
  • To source and manage resources for the programmes and projects of the foundation;
  • To develop a sustainable and accountable management system to achieve the above- mentioned objectives in a transparent manner