Together We Can Provide Better Life to People in George

Your Donation Can Change Lives

Support us so that we can support the community.

On a daily basis we receive requests for help from families across the city. It varies from people who just got laid off and need food or houses that were destroyed in fires and also requests from ministries and NGO’s for help.

One lesson I learned from Quinton Adams (The Shackbuilder) is that you have to help with what you have in your hands. The size of the contribution does not matter, it is the willingness to help your fellow citizen. You can help in sweat equity, help with that extra bed that is in your garage ceiling. Clothing and or food. Be a mentor, help with the vegetable gardens, deliver food. The list goes on.

It will get you down if you look at the humanitarian and social problems in George on your own. You might say to yourself that it is not possible for me to do this, and you are right. On your own you cannot be sustainable in your giving and assistance. That is why we as a community have to “Staan Saam” (stand together) and we will be able to help everybody in need. We all are part of a Team to help the people of George.

It is all in the numbers. Lets make some sums.

If 50% of the nearly 79 000 members on Georgiete Staan Saam (GSS) support us with a R100 donation every month, we will have R 3,4 million every month. Just imagine how we can assist the needy.

Lets be realistic and say only 10 000 members are willing to assist with R 100 per month, that alone will be R 1 mil1000 contributions of R 100 will be R 100 000. It is not rocket science. We can do it.

Everybody needs to contribute. We need to change from a beggar mentality and become a giving community.

Please support us so that we can help the needy.

We can now issue Art 18A certificates for those of you who qualify to claim it back from SARS. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Please contact me before you make the donation as we have to do the transaction through our Community Bank. Please email me the form.

Quick links to PAYMENT METHODS

EFT: Love Garden Route NPC (2018/544129/08)
Account number: 10 11 022 552 8;
Standard Bank
Branch: George;
Branch code: 051001;
Swift address: SBZA ZA JJ.

Debit Orders:
We are in the process of setting up a Debit Order system and will add the info as soon as it is up and running. In the meantime please use the PAYFAST payment platform which has a recurring fee system in place.


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